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PFT080: Kicksy & Alif Groove - Out Of Nowhere
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We return to Kicksy & Alif Groove, the duo based between London and Cairo, whose Out Of Nowhere was featured on their Citylights EP earlier this year.

Orlando-based DJ, producer and musician Q-Burns Abstract Message (a.k.a. Michael Donaldson) has been traveling the globe for two decades, delivering his animated, vodka-soaked DJ sets from San Francisco to Sydney to Siberia, but also opening for GusGus, Chemical Brothers and Meat Beat Manifesto. Over the years has also managed to deliver three full-length artist albums on Astralwerks, and numerous singles on Brique Rouge, Slip N' Slide, NRK and his own Eighth Dimension.

Now he applies the Q-BAM treatment to Kicksy & Alif Groove's Out Of Nowhere. There's the Remix, but we are particularly fond of his Kraftwerk-style Re-Remix.

The package is completed by a remix of Gonzalo Mattias. Relatively new to the scene, we are sure to hear more from this fine London-based producer.

Written and Produced by Karim Ragab and Abbi Khliedy.
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
(P)(C)2009 Plastic Fantastic Recordings (Musiqware Ltd).

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House
UPC: 5060193561585

02 Nov 2009

"Out Of Nowhere"
Kicksy & Alif Groove

Out Of Nowhere is OUT NOW!
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